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Hidden settings

Some more advanced settings (that do not require cluttering the mGalaxy interface) are accessible to the more experienced user.
They can be found in mGalaxy > Data > Preferences.xml

<!-- Set the anti aliasing level. Value can be: None/2x/4x/8x -->

<!-- Show album art on music change. Value can be: Never/5sec/Always -->

<!-- Prevent non-essential notifications from being displayed. Value can be: true/false -->

<!-- The number of times mGalaxy has been launched. Value can be: (any integer) -->

<!-- The volume reduction factor for music, when a video is playing. Value can be: (any decimal) -->

<!-- Shadow type. Value can be: None/Hard/Soft -->

<!-- Shadow resolution quality. Value can be: Low/Medium/High/Ultra -->

<!-- Display frames per second on top-rignt screen corner. Value can be: true/false -->

<!-- The number of seconds before the preview video starts. Value can be: (any decimal) -->

<!-- Limit the number of fps to the monitor frequency. Value can be: true/false -->