mGalaxy Help Center

Creating a system

All of the instructions below are carried out in mGalaxy_Runway’s SYSTEMS tab.

Creating a System #

  1. Create a new System in one of the following ways:
    • Drag and drop one from the Available Systems column to the User Systems column.
    • Double-click one of the Available Systems.
    • Select (click) one of the Available Systems, the click the flashing icon.
  2. Provide the path to the emulator’s program file (.exe).
    • You can click the “Executable” button to browse,
    • type or paste in the path to the .exe directly, or
    • drag and drop the application from Windows Explorer into the Executable text field.
  3. Provide the paths to the folders (Roms, Screenshots, etc.) in the same way.
    • Roms –  the only required folder — this is the place where the game files are stored.
    • Other folders are optional and may be used by your selected Theme.
    • Covers – For console systems, this is artwork of the original boxes that games were sold in. For arcade system, this would be your Marquee images.
    • Snapshots and Videos – These are still images and short video recordings of in-game play. Themes will usually display these (videos take precedence over snapshots) when browsing through games so you can see the game in action.
  4. Select a Theme.
    • The theme you select here will be used in mGalaxy when browsing the games in this System.
  5. (Optional) You may wish to create a database for this system. See The “DB Update” tab explained for details. You can always do this step later.
  6. Save and Quit mGalaxy_Runway.
  7. Launch mGalaxy and you’re ready to play!

Deleting a System #

  1. In the User Systems column, select (click) the System you wish to delete.
  2. Click the trashcan icon in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click ‘OK’ in the Confirmation dialog.


When you enter the path to one of the folders, mGalaxy automatically inspects the neighboring folders and tries to find the not yet filled paths to the other folders.

The keywords that mGalaxy will search for are:

  • "rom" or "game", for the Roms folder.
  • "snap" or "screen", for the Screenshots folder.
  • "cover", "box" or "marquee", for the Covers folder.
  • "art", "back" or "illus", for the Arts folder.
  • "movie", "video" or "vids", for the Videos folder.
  • "logo", for the Logos folder.
  • "medium" or "media" or "cart", for the Media folder.

So, if for a system you have grouped in the same place the folders "Roms", "Screenshots", "Videos", "Covers", "Logos", "Arts", know that by informing only one to mGalaxy_Runway it will automatically find and enter all the others for you!